With streamlined systems and processes in place and a vast network of sources to procure new deals, APEX Capital Group is the leading turn-key rental provider in the Tri-State area. Let our team of professional investment experts help you build a secure and prosperous financial future through safe real estate investments for you and your family.

APEX Capital Group is New Jersey’s premier real estate investment company. Since 2008, we have provided our investors with the latest trends, information, and tips in real estate investing to help them reach the highest levels of success.

For almost a decade, “The Super Malik Bros” Shomail and Farhan Malik ran their respective companies, Strategic Realty Group and Executive Realty Solutions.

With more than 100 rehabbed properties and collective transactions totalling more than $90 million, APEX Capital Group has built a substantial rental property portfolio that has greatly benefited their investors.

They have taken their 18 years of collective experience in the real estate business and merged their companies to form APEX Capital Group.

They feel blessed to be working together as they continue to bring new and exciting investment opportunities to their investors. The merger allowed them to expand the bandwidth they could offer their clients, enter new markets, and explore new niches within real estate.


To empower investors to grow a secure financial future for themselves by providing the best investment opportunities within specific U.S. markets and in line with the highest ethical standards.


Whether you are a veteran real estate investor or purchasing your first rental, APEX Capital Group has the experience, knowledge, and infrastructure to offer you the opportunities you need in your real estate investment endeavors.


  • CLIENT-CENTRIC: We keep our investors at the center of everything we do. Without our investors, we have nothing.
  • OWN IT: We make smart decisions and put our investors and the business first.
  • PEOPLE ARE IMPORTANT: Connect, reach out, build relationships.
  • TRUTH: There is only one truth, and we will always tell it.
  • TEAM: We are respectful, collaborative, and we leave our egos at the door.
  • INNOVATE: We continue to grow, make informed decisions, take smart risks, and learn from our mistakes.

We look forward to working with you and helping you succeed! See You at the Top!