APEX Capital Group conducts business in Ohio due to the affordability offered to you as an investor. The low prices for these investment real estate properties are the result of the disinterest of the larger investment firms. Many of them subscribe to the false belief that the market conditions are declining. Their wrong assumption presents you with the opportunity to realize great, long-term returns superior to most other locations around the country.

Columbus, Ohio

The team at APEX Capital Group believes that this is the perfect time to enter the real estate investment market in Columbus, Ohio, and purchase undervalued, turnkey properties, which offer high cashflow returns. The turnkey investment properties we offer should be an important part of your plan as an investor as you work to build a substantial real estate portfolio.

All of our turnkey investment properties are located in desirable school zones and are easily accessible by all major highways. The areas we invest in are known for being 50 percent owner-occupied, with the other 50 percent investor-owned and tenanted. This offers our investors a solid exit strategy for being able to customize the sale to either a new owner or another real estate investor.

We predict that as the banks loosen their credit lending policies, the majority of current tenants will look at becoming homeowners due to lower monthly repayments on a 30-year mortgage. In return, this could drive real estate values higher as most of the purchasing decisions made by future homeowners will be based on emotions and not the fundamentals of that particular deal.

When investing in turnkey investment properties, we encourage our investors not to make decisions based on capital growth predictions. Hoping that a particular property will rise in value is not a good investment strategy. Decisions should be made only on the numbers in the deal. If those numbers suit your end goal as an investor, then the investment is one worth pursuing further.

Dayton, Ohio

The Dayton, Ohio, region recently ranked number seven in the country for economic development and corporate expansions, which marked the third year in a row of Dayton being placed within the top 10 cities for business growth in the nation.

The team at APEX Capital believes the hidden gem of turnkey, real estate investing is in Dayton. Turnkey investment properties offer high cashflow returns on investments that are generally lower risk. We offer real estate investment opportunities that every investor, whether seasoned or beginner, should look at adding to their real estate portfolio.

We strive to offer turnkey properties that are located in B-class neighborhoods, which helps to reduce the risk of turnover and possible eviction costs. We invest in areas that are known for being half owner-occupied and half investor-owned and tenanted. This balance of ownership offers our investors a solid exit strategy to eventually sell the property to a new owner, or to another real estate investor.

We believe that there will be a change in the housing market trend as the banks loosen their credit lending policies. We predict that the majority of people who currently rent will become interested in homeownership with the availability of lower monthly payments on a 15- or 30-year mortgage. These new rates will be more desirable than rental rates. This change in the housing market could help to drive up the value on real estate investment properties as many home purchases will be based more on emotions rather than the numbers involved with the deal.

We strongly discourage our investors to make any decisions about real estate investment properties that are based solely on capital growth predictions. Predictions are helpful, but they are not factual statements. Never purchase an investment property with the hope that it will increase in value based on a prediction. Always make sure that your investment decisions are based solidly on the numbers presented in the deal.

The most important element that you should consider when investing in turnkey, investment properties is the service provided by the investment group once the sale is finalized. At APEX Capital Group, we hold your hand from the beginning of your investment venture, and walk with you throughout the lifetime of your investment.

Cincinnati, Ohio

The Cincinnati metro area is more commonly referred to as Greater Cincinnati. The official designation by the U.S. Census Bureau is the Cincinnati-Middletown, OH-KY-IN Metropolitan Statistical Area, or MSA. The Greater Cincinnati area is the largest metropolitan area in Ohio and the 27th largest in the United States. According to Forbes, Cincinnati, Ohio, is the fifth most affordable place to live in the US. While the cost of living continues to increase elsewhere, Cincinnati remains a financially suitable area with its housing costs residing well below the national average.

The team at APEX Capital Group believes that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to enter the Cincinnati market and purchase undervalued, turnkey properties offering high cashflow returns. The turnkey properties we offer should be the foundation for every investor looking at building a substantial real estate portfolio.

As a turnkey investment company, we have precise insight into the markets in which we invest. We specifically choose investment properties that are in desirable school zones, and in B-class neighborhoods. All of the turnkey investment properties we offer are also in neighborhoods with 50 percent owner occupancy and 50 percent investor-owned and rented. The rationale behind choosing properties in these types of neighborhoods is to allow our real estate investors the opportunity to have a good exit strategy. When you are ready to retire and use the money from your investments, you can either sell your properties to new homeowners, or other real estate investors.

At APEX Capital Group, we believe that the real estate market will be seeing an increase in home purchases as the banks change their lending policies. With affordable rates on 15- and 30-year mortgages, more people will be looking to buy than rent.

One of the critical pieces to keep in mind as you consider investing in turnkey properties is to make sure that your decisions are not based on capital growth predictions. While these predictions can be helpful to consider the direction in which a particular market is headed, they are simply predictions and not statements based on facts.

At APEX Capital Group, we are here to provide you with the guidance you need as you make decisions about real estate investment properties. If you are ready to look at possible investments in Ohio, then please contact us and let us help guide you to the right properties for your investment portfolio.